MediOne Group offers high quality health services to shipping companies, whether it is all their crews or land staff.

Both the location of our centers in the greater area of ​​Piraeus, as well as in other parts of Attica, as well as the quality of medical services make us practically their direct partner.

In particular, with regard to the issuance of a sign-up card, we issue this medical certificate, in accordance with the standards of the most recent Sign-up Agreement of the International Labor Organization (MLC 2006).

Among our many benefits stands out that of the telephone medical service for any medical advice or emergency treatment at sea. Also, the possibility of conducting mass sampling in the area where you will indicate us, within Attica without any additional charge, is the highest indicator of preference and stability of our collaborations.

Below we mention the Health benefits of our centers:

  • Complete laboratory of bloodless cardiological study
  • Hyperbaric - diving unit (chamber 12 + 2 positions)
  • Ultrasound, triplex (state-of-the-art, with the possibility of ultrasound, both abdomen and other organs)
  • Microbiological-Biopathological (biochemical, hematological, hormonal, immunological, cytological)
  • Breast section (digital mammography)
  • Endoscopic (with the latest type of video-endoscopes, for performing endoscopic operations)
  • Radiology department (x-rays)
  • Bone density measurement (osteoporosis test)
  • Orthopantograph (digital tooth panorama)
  • Computed Tomography (CT) scanner
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Day Care Unit (ICU)
  • Patient transport - ambulances