Michael Ath. Giannakoulakos MD, Msc CEO

The MediOne Group has standard diagnostic and therapeutic Medical Centers, not only for the Greek but also for the European data.

Using the latest technology and following the scientific developments, we apply new generation technology in the medical field and the latest generation of digital machines, with guaranteed quality of result.

The first Medical Diagnostic Center (MediOne Glyfada) was founded in 2013 in Glyfada, Attica. In 2019 the second Medical Diagnostic Center was established (MediOne Perama), in 2020 the third one was added (MediOne Salamina), while in August 2020 the operation of our fourth center (MediOne Drapetsona) started. However, our most recent center in Attica (MediOne Agia Paraskevi) started operating in January 2022.

Our vision was and is the creation of centers in the region. This took place in October 2021 with the new MediOne Atalantis and after a few months in May 2022, the MediOne Lamia in Fthiotida. The investment in the island of Kefalonia, with MediOne Kefalonia, took place simultaneously in May 2022.

The diagnostic centers of the MediOne Group operate a total of 4 MRI, 4 CT scanners, as well as various fully equipped medical departments with all digital imaging equipment of the latest technology (mammograms, ultrasounds, radiological, etc.) as well as internal and external departments. cardiological, microbiological, osteoporosis and home blood sampling and hospitalization.

We also have our own fleet of ambulances with the latest technology equipment so as to ensure the transportation of our fellow human beings immediately and with dignity.

The Group operates according to international quality standards for the best service of the examinees and is certified with ISO 9001: 2008.

The medical staff with education and continuous training in Greece and abroad, as well as the administrative staff, take care of the best possible provision of services and medical care to all those who visit us daily. The group has contracts with EOPPY as well as contracts with private insurance companies.

MediOne Medical and Diagnostic Centers respect every patient and always have him in focus, that's why

"Our value is the human"

Contracted with EOPYY


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