Cardiac ultrasound or echocardiogram!

What is an echocardiogram?

An echocardiogram is a painless examination that takes advantage of heart-reflected ultrasound waves (echoes) to create an image of it and the large blood vessels. Ultrasound is a very high frequency sound wave (2.5 - 5 MHz) that the human ear can not perceive, but can be produced and detected by special machines. Ultrasound is based on the principle of echo. Just as sound is reflected on surfaces, so ultrasound is reflected on surfaces. The machine has a built-in computer that studies the reflected waves and, depending on the time it takes for them to return, calculates how far away the surface on which the ultrasound was reflected. He then presents this surface on his screen. The whole process is done so fast that if this surface moves, it appears on the screen to move as it actually moves.