What is MRI?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a diagnostic technique based on the principles of the magnetic field.

It uses a strong magnetic field of waves and radio frequencies to produce detailed images of internal organs and tissues. It can be used to explore any part of our body.

The person being examined on an MRI is NOT exposed to radiation.

MRI scans can be performed on Neurological, Orthopedic, Angiological, Oncological, Urological, Cardiological, etc. examinations.

They can also provide modern, specialized examinations such as mammography, prostatic polyparametric, etc.

The basic examinations, among others, that can be performed at the MediOne Group are:

  • MRI in all anatomical areas of the body, such as the brain, pituitary gland, visceral skull, cervix, thorax, upper and lower abdomen, spine, joints, bones, etc.
  • Magnetic angiography of the brain and body
  • Magnetic cholangiopancreatography (MRCP)
  • Cardiac MRI: study of the morphology / mobility of the walls of the heart, study of perfusion and viability of the walls of the heart, study of congenital heart diseases
  • Magnetic Enterography
  • Magnetic Mammography: Indicated for the screening of women at high risk for breast cancer as well as for women with an individual or family history of breast cancer.
  • Multiparametric Prostate MRI: is an important tool in the identification and characterization of neoplastic lesions, the precise local staging of the disease, the planning of treatment as well as the detection of local recurrence.
  • Rectal MRI: performed with a special protocol that includes thin high-definition incisions in the area of ​​interest. It is useful for the detailed initial, local staging of rectal cancer

The medical imaging department of the MediOne Group is equipped with the most modern Siemens 1.5 Tesla MRI machine. An MRI scanner with a strong magnetic field, displays with very high accuracy, reducing the examination time to 1/8 of the older machines, in combination with the much greater comfort of the examinee.

MediOne Group has a very wide, bright MRI with open design, features that can help the patient or the examinee who feels claustrophobia.

There is also the possibility of anesthesia (in the presence of an anesthesiologist) for cases of claustrophobic patients.