Aiming at the continuous improvement and evolution of its services, MediOne has invested in the purchase of another state-of-the-art machine, for the performance of upper and lower jaw computed tomography (Dental Scan), for placement of implants as well as panoramic examinations. CBCT technology is the most detailed and advanced approach to date, for the complete mapping of the area where the implant will be made.

With the cone beam Computed Tomography we have 3D images, which accurately identify possible pathologies and structural abnormalities in the area. Upper and lower jaw computed tomography (Dental Scan) provides detailed imaging, helps the dentist in the appropriate choice of implant, in terms of placement area and its thickness, in order to ensure a smooth and healthy implant.

An upper and lower jaw computed tomography examination, (Dental Scan) lasts only 12 seconds. It is an exclusively digital system, which gives us a significant advantage over the other medical centers. It adapts to scan young children, elderly, as well as people with disabilities and neurological diseases.

Digital panoramic radiography is the most popular diagnostic tool in everyday dental practice. It allows the dentist to see in an image, the dentition and the adjacent tissues. It is the basis for a proper orthodontic treatment.

The results can be sent by e-mail directly to your dentist.

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